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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Wow! Thanks again for such wonderful customer service, since it is unheard of these days."

Jo Ann

"I know alot of businesses that could learn something from you about customer service . My buddy Mike really likes his Journeymarkers too. Again thanks we really appreciate it!" 


"Our JourneyMarker arrived and it is wonderful! I am eager to give such a fun gift to some dear friends."


"Thanks. The marker looks fabulous!"


"We received our JourneyMarker today it looks great. My brother-in-law is going to love it! "
Thanks so much, 

"I love it. I can't wait until the pool is done to hang it so my friends & family can see it."
Thank you, 


"It arrived and is terrific..Thanks again!"


"Thank you so much! This was a birthday present and she just loved it. Great job!"


"We got it today!!!! Its awesome. I LOVE IT!!!"
Thanks again,


"I received the JourneyMarker Today. WE LOVE IT!
Thank you so very much."

Jon & Jody

"It's husband loves it as do I. Thank you for getting it to me in time for Valentines Day."
Thanks again.


"We definitely love our JourneyMarker and are happy to show it off to everyone who comes by.
Thanks again !


"Thank you so much. We are really happy with the JourneyMarker and my sister and brother-in-law really liked it as their Christmas present."

"All got your JourneyMarkers and love them. Got a call from my brother as soon as they got it. They really do look good!"


"Hello! I just got my JourneyMarker and I have to tell you that I love it! So much so that I will be buying gift certificates for some family members for Christmas! Thank you so much for the excellent craftsmanship and superb customer service!" Best regards,


"Thanks for all your hard work and a very memorable Xmas."


"Thank you! I gave the sign to my boyfriend and he loved it......what a great idea!"


"My parents surprised me and my boyfriend with our JourneyMarker for Christmas and we absolutely LOVE it. It looks amazing in our NYC apartment. Thanks again for the mile marker!"

Meredith and Ken

"Thank you so much for the JourneyMarker sign. I have already passed you on to friends and I think it is a wonderful gift idea."
Thanks again,


"Just wanted to let you know how much Mike & Vickie loved the marker. They said it was the most perfect gift that they had received. We loved it too and are telling everyone about it. Hope our word of mouth brings you many new orders!"


"Absolutely love the JourneyMarker sign!! What a great gift!" Thank you,


"Just had to thank you for the wonderful gift! I love my JourneyMarker and have sent pics off to all my friends showing it off Thanks so much! Just love it !"


"Saturday, the doorbell rang, and there was the cheery DHL guy with the JourneyMarker! It's wonderful. My brother hung it up when we got to my folks' house, and I brought them outside to see it. They love it! (And my brothers and sisters really got a kick out of it too.)"

"The JourneyMarker is awesome! I will recommend your site to my friends."


"Thanks so much for getting this to me for Christmas. It looks great and my
friends will absolutely love it!"


"Received my order, and I love it-will be given as gift next week. Thanks very much!"


I want to thank you for such great service. You are one of a kind! I certainly will call on you again in the future.
Thank you, and have a nice holiday."


"Thanks so much for my JourneyMarker. I love it!"


"Thanks for caring about your customers."


"Many thanks for the expedited order. It was a HUGE hit! Have a great holiday."


"Your product has been a conversation piece and we hope it gives Dad many, many years of enjoyment!" 
Thank you,


"The package with the hanging signs was delivered yesterday in the late afternoon. It looks great!" 


"We got our JourneyMarker today. We love it, and know that our Mom will love it too!"

Kirk & Laurie

"Our JourneyMarker arrived and we love it.!" Thank you.


"Got the JourneyMarker. It was for my fathers birthday, He absolutely loved it. You really did a great job!
I well tell my friends about your great product and service." Thank You,


Thank you so much. The journey marker is beautiful and looks amazing on their porch! They get so many compliments on it from people that come over.

You created for us a priceless family heirloom that sums up the spirit of our parents better than any other gift we could have imagined." 


"Thank you for your beautiful work, as well as for your excellent and friendly service."Best regards,

Stacy Huffman 

"It looks absolutely wonderful! i might order the full (standing) size once that is available." 


"Thank you so very much for everything.  I love my marker and would gladly recommend product to anyone!!"  


"Got it! He loves it! Thank you so much!"


"They arrived yesterday and are perfect.  Thank you so much."

Lee Ann

"Jay, the check will be in the mail today! And thank you man for the very good (and quick) service."


"Hi Jay! I received the order yesterday and it was awesome."

"Thank you so much, Jay! The JourneyMarker is so amazing! We will treasure it!!"

Gordon & Suzie

"Received the finished product and I can't wait to proudly present it to my friends at their 50th anniversary celebration.  Thank you for making a beautiful gift and your promptness.  Hope to see you at a booth in The Villages in November and personally thank you."


"I just want to tell you that I love this new product! It looks awesome and I can't wait to order one soon!" Thanks!

"Thank you so much for quickly replacing the piece for our Journeymarker.  We love it and it is a pleasure to do business with someone who understands customer service."


"Mailman just dropped it off & it looks awesome!  Now I have to get it back in the box!
Thanks so much - I know my husband is going to love it!"
Thanks for everything,

"My sign reading "Comodoro Rivadavia" is beautiful! Thank you very much .It completes my Journey Marker. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received."


"The marker referenced below is for a friend's 5oth birthday. My sister has one at her place in Islamorada, and when I saw it, I said I had to have one. So, she got one for me for Christmas. I think they are the coolest! Thanks for sharing your idea and talents with the world!"


"The kids and I were too excited to wait until Father's Day to give my husband his JourneyMarker...He LOVED it as do we!!  What a unique gift and well-made gift.  Thanks so much!!"


"We order one from you last month for my mom's birthday. She could not believe how unique idea it was. Thank you for making her birthday a memorial one." Thanks again,

Robin & David

"Thanks so very much for the prompt service on our JourneyMarker. I'm sure that we will love it."


"Received our JourneyMarker today...perfect, love it and even in time for Fathers Day."


"Thank you for the FANTASTIC sign for Chris. He absolutely loves it and has been telling everyone about it and how sentimental it is. I have attached a picture of the happy camper with his favorite gift of all time! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and time!"


"We look forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for being so prompt and communicating so well - That is refreshing compared to many companies. It should serve you well for continued success."


"The JourneyMarker is perfect - our friends are going to love it!" Thanks a lot.


"Received it yesterday. Love it. My daughter will truly enjoy it. Thanks again, you did a great job."


"I just wanted you to know I just received the journey marker in the mail and I LOVE IT!!!"


"It looks amazing, even cooler than I remembered from the art show."
Thank you so much,


(A VERY happy customer!)

"Looked at the JourneyMarker, it's AWESOME!!!" Thanks Again!


"My marker sign arrived today in excellent condition, and I love it! I also know my friends who I am giving it to will be very pleased with it."
Thank you,


"Thanks for getting back to me and processing my orders so quickly. I've seen the finished product, and its wonderful! I also plan to order one for my own home."
Thanks again,


"We received it, and it looks great!"


"Thanks again - you will definitely receive a future order from us."


"My JourneyMarker sign arrived a little while ago. I love it !! It is already hanging in my pool area. Thanks so much!"


"I have just received the JourneyMarker for my brother. I absolutely love it!. You did a great job."


"I received my JourneyMarker yesterday and I'm quite pleased with it. Thank you!"


"Just got the 2 JourneyMarkers today & I have to say, they are eveything I hoped they would be!! We are very excited to give them to our parents."

Jill & Kathy

"I received my JourneyMarker yesterday. It looks BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much.....I love it and I know my husband will love it too!"


"We got it and LOVE IT!! You guys totally rock - I know I'll be sending more orders once everyone sees this!"


"I have never experienced such wonderful customer service."


"We received the JourneyMarker yesterday and it is great. We actually gave it to his dad last night and it brought tears to his eyes. It could not have been a more perfect gift. I feel certain that it will generate a few orders for you. I will look for your invoice but I just had to let you know how pleased we were with the product. Your attention to customer service is irreplaceable. Thanks again!"


"My husband was thrilled with his JourneyMarker. Thanks for taking care of it so quickly. It turned out perfectly." 


"The Journey Marker arrived on Friday, and it looks fantastic. Thank you so much!" 


"Thanks very much for getting my JourneyMarker out to me in time for my annivesary on Christmas eve. I really appreciated it, and of course my wife loves it. She loves that its the story of us, so its really very personal." 


"I purchased the Journey Marker for my parents and they LOVED it!!!!" Thank You, 


"Hi - I just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME JourneyMarker!!! It was exactly what I wanted, your promptness in delivery was great and my husband could not have been more excited when he opened it on Christmas morning. Thanks for being a part of his priceless smile when he opened it. It gives us a piece of FL, here in chilly Indiana." Thanks again!


"The gift was a huge success! Thanks for the quick turnaround ..."


"You guys are amazing! It is the favorite gift I am giving this year. I can't wait to tell everyone I know about JourneyMarkers!"


"Just wanted to let you know that the Journey Marker was a fabulous success! Not only was it gorgeous (excellent job!) but my aunt and uncle were so very touched by the idea and excited about the uniqueness of the gift! I would be glad to write a testimonal for your site and I have a great photo of my aunt's expression when she opened the box, so I will ask her permission and then provide it to you for marketing use if you are interested. Thanks again for your hard work and graciousness in expediting my order!" with peace,


"I just received my marker and I wanted to tell you...I LOVE IT!!!! I am sure it will be my husband's favorite Christmas gift." Thanks again,


Hey Jay,
"In case I failed to mention before, the Journey Marker you made for my Dad in the Tri Cities/WA was a big hit for Father's day. I saw it proudly displayed in a later visit, and was impressed by the quality and craftsmenship! I'll be recommending Journey Markers to friends that need a fun and unique gift. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!"


"The JourneyMarker was delivered and was a huge success!! Thank you so much!! I will be ordering from you again!"


"Just wanted to let you know our friends love the JourneyMarker! We were at their new home last weekend, and since the weather was not condusive to being outside, we noticed the JouneyMarker was hanging indoors, in the middle of their living room, from a ladder (the house is not yet fully completed....lots of finishing touches still to come). They were really impressed with its uniqueness, and we are thrilled to have surprised them with such a cool gift." Many thanks, again.

Maggie and Steve

"Gave the signs to the oldest daughter for her 33rd birthday. She absolutely fell in love. She had a smile on her face that just won't go away. I never saw her smile so much. She loved it. She took it that evening down to the Tropicana as we were meeting my nieces for a baseball game. She made a point to show them and they too fell in love. Thanks so much. You did a great job. No doubt you'll be hearing from us again, either my daughter or us as we'll be having another made for a gift."


"Got the JourneyMarker and it is just perfect. You are great, thanks so much!"


"Just wanted you to know that we received the sign today - and it's wonderful! I'm sure my father-in-law will be thrilled with it!"

"The JourneyMarker has arrived and it looks great! My husband will love it!"


"I just received the JourneyMarker, great job...."


"Thank you so much. I know my mom is going to love her JourneyMarker."


"I can't wait to get my JourneyMarker !!  It will remind me of all the favorite places my late husband and I loved to go.
I plan to put it on his desk in what I now use as my office.  I think he would have really liked that idea."

"Thanks for responding. Of course, after I emailed you today, it arrived.
It looks great. My niece will love it.Thanks too for terrific customer service." 


"Our very own Journey Marker arrived this a.m., and how great it is!" 
Thanks, Jay! 


"I picked up the markers from your porch yesterday. It looks AWESOME!!!! It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will make sure to keep spreading the word about your markers."
Thanks again,
 Craig and Nicole 

"Just wanted to tell you that we are thrilled with the Journey Markers you made for us.  We think our brother will be delighted with his gift!  Thank you so much!"


"Thanks again for all the extra effort. You have the best customer service!!!! Definitely appreciated."

"It's just perfect !!!!!! Thank you so much Jay. I can't wait to see the reaction when it's opened." Thanks!


"Great news!!! It arrived in Malaysia and they absolutely love it!!!!!"


"Thanks again for all your help with this.  I'll keep referring friends!!! You have the best customer service!!!!  Definitely appreciated."


"WOW. Thank you so much. The journeymarker for my beautiful sister came Friday. It is so terrific I can't put it into words. Thank you so so much. Can't wait to see her expression on Christmas morning and will be sure to take
a picture and send it to you. Cannot sing your praises enough with the product and the personal attention. Merry Christmas!"


"Just got it and, ILOVE IT!" Thanks!


"Hello.  My sign has arrived and I love it!  Good job, I can't wait to hang it up on my deck." Thank you!


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