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In The Beginning...

JourneyMarkers started on a whim in Nov. 2006. I had seen them every time we went diving in Key West and wanted one of my own that would point our memories to places we loved and missed. I figured out how far we were from Greece, Miami and Sweden and then took some old wood, a few buoys and rope out to to my workshop.

Since then we have refined our JourneyMarkerss into a stylish yet funky form of art, having sold over 10,000 to the delight of our customers.

JourneyMarkers has been featured now in over two dozen newspapers and magazines including:

The Tampa Bay Times, The Tampa Tribune, The Star Banner, Hernando Today, San Jose Mercury News, The News Tribune (Tacoma), The Daily Herald (Chicago), Lakestyle Magazine, The Times Union (Jacksonville), The State (Columbia, SC), Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale), The Sun (Port Charlotte, FL), St. Louis Daily Record and the Lincoln Journal Star.

1145 17th Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL
As Featured In
Southern Living Magazine
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