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A Holiday Fundraiser

First off....a BIG Thank You to David Cohen. We could not make it to this years MOTM due to covid complications, so he graciously let us set up a virtual shop!

Welcome to a simple way of raising funds during this Holiday Season. All that needs to be done, is to have your members forward an email and post on their FaceBook page. That's it!
We do the invoicing, production and ship. We will then send you a check for 30% of the sales.


Sample Letter

Hello Friends of (Name of club) Parrotheads,
We are excited about doing a fundraising collaboration this Holiday Season with JourneyMarkers LLC.

JourneyMarkers are the makers of personalized directional signs and have been featured as a top gift by Southern Living Magazine!

So this year, give an unforgettable holiday gift 
while also helping out our charitable efforts. It's a win, win, all the way around.

Check out JourneyMarkers here.

...and please forward this
to as many friends and put on your FaceBook page. Make sure they mention (Name of club) Parrotheads when ordering.

Jay Keeler

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