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A Closing Gift With Thought And

Leaves A Lasting Impression 

Off For

Your Closing Gift is a way of expressing your Thanks for choosing and trusting you as their realtor for making what is, one of the biggest decisions and most important purchases they will ever make...

Their Home!

So, isn't it a good idea and just good business sense to give a closing gift that has both thought and will leave an impression for years to come?

This is a gift that receives  a true "Wow!" Totally unique as it highlights their favorite places in life and will be a part of their new home!

There will always be that "friendly reminder" when people ask. "Oh, our realtor gave this to us!" (we even engrave on the bottom block a small message with your name on it) ...a lasting way for you to be remembered!

Featured In

Southern Living


On the bottom block, we can engrave a small message from you!

Gift Certificates Available Too

For Additional Information:
Jay Keeler
Brand New
To Gather The Information You Need From Your Clients, Download & Print the Client Questioare Form Below.
Wall Art 15"x15"
 Personalized the way you want it!
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