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New Product 

One Of A Kind, Holiday Gift


St. Petersburg, Fla.,  October 11, 2018  --  Our lives are marked by special places: where we have visited and lived, vacation spots, a favorite restaurant or sports venue.  Mark those places with JourneyMarkers, a unique personalized mile marker that visually tells a story of your life’s journey.


Now we have created Bucket List JourneyMarkers! Places and things that you want to do in your life’s journey!


Inspired by the island mile markers of the Tropics, JourneyMarkers has put a fresh twist on a familiar  icon. A unique and personalized gift that is sure to bring the element of surprise and “Wow” to anyone receiving one. 


JourneyMarkers truly are a “one of a kind” gift for anyone and everyone, as we all have a unique story to share!


Various sizes and styles available ranging from $79 and up.



JourneyMarkers – the most personalized, personalized gift! A gift that is sure to bring the look of surprise and Wow! to anyone receiving one.



 For additional information, contact: Jay Keeler at 727. 252.6001

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