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How These Signs Came About



 Our son plays college ball (pitcher). When he left for school, I made him one of these as a gift. They are meaningful, catch phrases that he has heard many times from me! He loved it!

After favorable reviews, I decided to start making these for other baseball players, coaches and fans. It's a great gift that will inspire a positive mental approach to the game. 

I made two seperate signs. One designed more for pitchers and one for position players. We did use a few of the same catch phrases on each.


Position Players

The signs are made of wood, Everything is laser engraved and cut. The stitches are raised 1/8th of an inch to give a great effect!

Below is one of our JourneyMarker products that a baseball fan had us make for him!  

MLB Teams copy.JPG

About Myself
Besides being a baseball Dad, I have been a volunteer coach from little league to high school and international competition.
Once upon a time I played minor league ball and played and coached in Europe.
The mental side of the game is my passion.
These days I own a unique sign business...

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